Why Should You Enlist The Services of Eminent Business Process Analyst Kenneth Mortimer

In today’s complex commercial conglomeration, a business’s power of adaptability, agility, and ability to lever constant change through innovation are considered elementary to success. However, conquering so many odds becomes difficult to achieve in many cases. Over and above, traditional methods seldom lead to reaching such objectives, especially when economic conditions prove harsh and hostile. But that’s where an efficient business process analyst-cum-architect like Kenneth Mortimer can become most helpful to restructure a swaying business back to solid ground.. But the point is why should you select Kenneth Mortimer as your business process analyst when there are others in the field too? Well, here are some of the reasons that may convince you about your decision.

To begin with, Kenneth C. Mortimer who holds a PG degree in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University is a seasoned Business analyst/Architect practicing in Business Process Improvement and Digital Business Transformation in Auckland where he is reputed to have gained adequate expertise in his field by way of:

  • Developing a novel customer-focused, social media based digital environment, enabling him to achieve organizational change via customer self-service 24/7 at Telecom NZ aiming at lowering the $100+ million annual costs of operating call centers throughout New Zealand.
  • Becoming a strategic thinker who can identify problems instantaneously, deliver robust solutions, as also perform seamlessly as a collaborating team member.
  • Working as Regional Sales Manager at NCR, as also working for IBM in the capacity of Marketing Representative for the company.

  • Over and above, Kenneth C Mortimer qualifies for the following gold standard traits that are essential for an effective Business Analyst.

    • Kenneth has got all the important business analysis skills fully covered. He can create requirements specifications, analyze requirements, build visual models, energize elicitation sessions and use appropriate business analysis tools.

    • As an experienced business analyst, Kenneth Mortimer knows how to respond to business queries and at the same time find alternative routes through the organization and engage the right persons at the right time. In any case, he is a master in solving situations that often prove challenging for others.

    • As a good business analyst, Kenneth can create alignment and ownership in terms of solutions where stakeholders are concerned; responding to their questions technically as well as non-formally so that everybody feels satisfied. This is perhaps one of his finest skills for which he is acclaimed throughout NZ.

    • Kenneth C Mortimer is also known for his critical attention to details. This is vitally important for several reasons, such as to assist the project manager and fill in there when needed, while working closely with customer sponsor team , along with project team in defining document requirements.

    • Kenneth is a skilled communicator too. This is a key factor when working with several teams at the same time. Unless the business analyst can express himself with all members of the team, there will be chaos and utter failure at all levels. In order to avoid miscommunication while working with several teams, Kenneth will cover the issue by interfacing with all stakeholders, through accurate and truthful communication.

    • Kenneth Mortimer also has a reasonably good command over project management related tools that include Project Scheduling software, basic tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as also Task Management software, Risk Management software, File Management software and in addition Data Modeling tool such as Microsoft Visio.

    Despite having all the critical attributes in regard to guiding a project to its fulfillment, never for a moment believe or think that Kenneth Mortimer is the leader on the project. While the project manager being the decision maker is considered the leader of the project, Kenneth Mortimer, in the role of Business Process Analyst will have the best and closest customer facing position, thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction, which in any case is the primary goal of the project.

    by Kenneth | 12th,June 2018 |
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Kenneth C Mortimer is a Analyst/Architect in Business Process Improvement & Digital Business Transformation based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a Postgraduate in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University of Technology... Read More