Kenneth Mortimer’s Role as Top BPA in NZ

From being an expert in Business process improvement and Digital Business transformation, Kenneth C Mortimer, a Post Graduate in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University of Technology is also a renowned Business Process analyst (BPA) where his role surpasses all other digital activities, as outlined below.

For instance, he can draw inferences from process details and can link such inferences to the basic structure through business objectives in identifying process improvements. Over and above, he has the ability to restructure a wide variety of information within a process framework. Consequently, Kenneth gets involved in a variety of different projects. However, he enjoys working with business teams as well as IT sections to figure out the best way to design new processes, while solving process-related issues. Needles to say, this often involves mapping existing processes, and at the same time designing better ones.


Kenneth Mortimer also boasts a thorough knowledge in process mapping and business process reengineering. He can analyze business processes and workflows in order to find out how these could be improved or automated. He also becomes involved in documenting procedure, while presenting new process designs for stakeholders. Besides, his activities as BPA also include:

  • • Managing process change
  • • Leading process redesign workshops
  • • Cultivating business users responsible for managing and operating business process
  • • Monitoring, measuring, as also providing feedback on process performance
  • • Helping process workshops that involve extracting process requirements and liaising with users.
  • • Applying knowledge of business process modeling notations (BPMN, EPC, BPEL) for documenting processes.

Above everything else, Kenneth posses a strong analytical background, is a renowned problem solver, while having outstanding diagramming and communication skills. His proven ability to run effective workshops and conduct corporate meetings has earned the goodwill of all concerned. In short, his role as the best BPA in the land of the kiwis will remain untarnished for years to come.

by Kenneth | 28th,April 2017 |
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Kenneth C Mortimer is a Analyst/Architect in Business Process Improvement & Digital Business Transformation based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a Postgraduate in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University of Technology... Read More