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ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is considered to be an extended term for information technology or IT which emphasizes the task of unified communications and integration of telecommunications that include telephone lines and wireless signals, computers, as also necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audio-visual systems that enables users to access, store, transmit and manipulate information.


Kenneth Mortimer, Postgraduate in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University, as also an analyst/architect in business process Improvement & Digital Business Transformation has developed a groundbreaking customer-focused, social media oriented digital environment that enabled organizational changes  through  customer self-service 24 x 7 at Telecom NZ, potentially reducing $100+ million yearly cost of call center operations.


Kenneth Mortimer, as head of equally reputed MBA & Associates, an ICT solution provider in Wellington & Wairarappa, NZ   has been providing technology solutions all over the world comprising numerous organisations that include Banking and Financial Institutions, Shipping, Manufacturing & Processing and much more.


We are focused

We are focused, says Kenneth, on delivering quality products and services covering all facets of IT domain that include IT infrastructure services, data center setup, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, IP telephony, Systems and Network Monitoring Services, Thin Clients, Information Security solutions, Mobility, Helpdesk solutions as well as Outsourced and Managed Services.


Our aim

Our aim, reiterates the business process analyst, is to become the top most IT support and services company not only in the South Pacific region but all over our lonely planet, delivering cost effective, innovative and useful IT solutions for sectors that are in dire need of such services. And we intend to run the services 24 x 7, overcoming international time zones.


We also give emphasis to ceaseless improvement, asserted Kenneth, in our pursuit of excellence by way of satisfying a client, regardless of whether it represents a nondescript online trader or a world leader in providing consumer goods for people across countries and continents.


What’s more, says the IT specialist, our state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities will facilitate smoothest running of your business, while we will remain by your side as a standby helping hand.


However, here are few of our services and solutions dedicated towards the immediate improvement of your business.


Towards collaboration and decision-making – A vast range of solutions for better productivity, higher collaboration and timely decision-making.


Towards Data and Information Management – Data analysis and tools to reveal the real value of data and information management.


IT Service Management Tools – ITSM tools and processes provided.


Mobility – Allows you to enjoy the benefits of enterprise mobility in terms of technical, security and policy aspects.


Networking- supports next-gen technology platform through network solutions and services.


Professional Services – Provides strategy, design and implementation services at every step.



Apart from providing technical help to assist companies to relive from total dislocation, Kenneth  Mortimer/MBA Associates are also happy to take a consultative architectural approach towards helping organisations respond to security threats, regardless of from whichever corner it may attack.

by Kenneth | 11th,May 2017 |
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Business Process Analyst - Wellington, New Zealand

Kenneth C Mortimer is a Analyst/Architect in Business Process Improvement & Digital Business Transformation based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a Postgraduate in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University of Technology... Read More