Importance of a Business Analyst in running a profitable business today

The world has no doubt undergone a sea change in course of the last couple of decades. Evidently there would not have been a Starbuck located on every corner or a smartphone in every pocket – but a lot more has happened while we progressed from gas-guzzling limousines to electric/hybrid autos. However, that’s not all – the work pattern and business outlook has changed too. It has become:

  • More cognitively compounded
  • Much more team-based as well as collaborative
  • Fairly dependent on social skills
  • Heavily dependent on technological competence
  • More mobile and less dependent on demography
What’s more, in order to survive in a deadly competitive environment, businesses have learnt but not become capable of being:

  1. Leaner* and extra agile
  2. More attuned to recognizing value from customer perspective
  3. Truly tuned to competitive requirements and strategy
  4. Everlastingly reorganizing and maintaining competitive advantages
  5. Lesser hierarchical in structure in decision making

*The Lean Enterprise replica was initiated by Toyota in the Seventies. Since then, it has brought changes in organizations all over the world, especially in the sphere of manufacturing and product development.

However, businesses and stakeholders in New Zealand could hardly apply their limited expertise in this complex field of business administration and had to depend on Kenneth C. Mortimer, leading business analyst and architect who holds a post graduate degree in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University, NZ. Needless to say, Mr. Mortimer has significant achievements in business process and digital collaboration all over the island country and beyond. Nevertheless, the digitally experienced Business Analyst (BA) will apply his skill- set in the following areas for the development and growth of a business in New Zealand and Australia as and when required.

  • Will demonstrate his proven expertise in analyzing, defining and clarifying complex issues across strategic, business systems that may need complete overhaul.

  • Will demonstrate capability of developing stories that can be utilized by developers.

  • Will demonstrate proficiency in developing gap analysis and requirements (within agile framework)- Incidentally, gap analysis entails determination, documentation as well as improving the difference between business requirements as against its existing capabilities. However, once the usual expectations of performance in a business or industry are fathomed, it becomes possible to judge against that expectation in terms of its present level of competence. In short, it is considered as a formal study of what an industry or a business is doing currently vis-à-vis where it is heading to.

  • Will demonstrate new possible outcomes that can be achieved through existing platforms, as also explaining how latest technological development can help achieve such outcomes. It may also include creating the much needed sense of cooperation between different segments of the workforce, urging and explaining how a business can grow with their unified work pattern.

  • Will demonstrate its capabilities in resolving conflicts within a project where complexity of work often gives rise to disagreement and discord. However, years of experience in this profession has enabled Mr. Mortimer to resolve these issues and bring back accord among all members of the company’s management team.

Finally, Kenneth Mortimer, as head of MBA & Associates will zero in on selecting the right issue in a wrongly channeled business unit and start taking actions swiftly and confidently till the right chord has been hit. It is much easier to say this than doing it practically. However, he has gone through the 80/20 theory (also known as the Pareto Principle, the Law of the Vital Few, etc) to understand that 80% of the effects originate from 20% of the causes and so can always reach at the bottom of the crisis in a matter of few minutes. As a result, companies that had showed signs of sickness soon recover, showing signs of progress and growth.

In a digitally controlled business world where a simple faux pas can result in a severe disaster, it is always safer to enlist the services of senior Business Process Analyst/Architect in Business Process Improvement and Digital Business Transformation such as Kenneth Mortimer, head of MBA & Associates, located in Wellington, NZ to help business develop steadily. Think it as a form of insurance against sudden catastrophes that can destroy years of toil and tears that had accompanied it right from the beginning.

by Kenneth | 24th,July 2018 |
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