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As well as from New Delhi to New York City, businesses need to be run efficiently, profits earned and workmen paid suitably. However, running a business efficiently in an ever competitive digital world toady verily needs the involvement of an effective business process analyzer such as Kenneth Mortimer who is a senior Analyst/Architect in Business Process Improvement and Digital Business Transformation, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Incidentally, Kenneth is a Postgraduate degree holder in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University of Technology, an Australian Public Research University based in Bentley and Perth, Western Australia.

However, it may be relevant to know at the outset how Kenneth’s involvement will benefit a business, and even so, to what extent. In other words, what process and principle he will apply and follow to achieve the goal.

To be very precise, this will engross several phases that are outlined below.

  • Initiation Phase is like the first time when you go to a doctor, complaining about abdominal pain, seeking the right medicine for relief. However, in the case of a business, it is a case of having some form of acute commercial problem for which a solution has to be reached through technology or process application. Kenneth’s role at this juncture will be to immediately identify the problem the business is experiencing and to map out what the likely solution will look like. The map may entail how the problem arose, how it should be handled, the cost to resolve the problem as well as the quantum of benefit the business may gain once the issue has been rightly resolved.
    • Analysis Phase corresponds to the period when Kenneth Mortimer will define in vivid detail what the business needs to come out of the issue or the problem, working in amalgamation with development team, especially an architect to draw out a design in regard to what the solution may look like. Also, during this phase, Kenneth will do his best to ensure that any possible changes that may be implemented are identified and if necessary are carried out in a cost effective way. Needless to say, he will also do the testing to see that the implementation has borne fruit.
    • Development Phase is the most crucial phase for a Business process Analyzer like Kenneth Mortimer. Instead of taking a deep breath and relax on the understanding that the corrections have been fully implemented, he has to be ever watchful to detect if any deviation has taken place meanwhile. This involves daily meeting with the development team and other relevant bodies, keeping eyes fully open and ears attuned to gossips suggesting something that may have gone wrong. Any relaxzation at this phase mean the end of his carrier.
    • Implementation Phase is also a no relaxation phase for Business Process guru Kenneth Mortimer, as this is the most critical phase when things go wrong with least symptoms. It is also the testing phase to check how well the business analyst have steered clear the business from fateful catastrophes, since each winning step will add a feather to his cap.

    Apart from the phases described above, a Business Process Analyst needs to:

    • Work as a liaison between the IT Solution Delivery team, third-party vendors, and the business users to ensure a complete understanding of requirements and quality in the delivery of value-added, growth generating business solutions.
    • Register and analyze existing business processes and core systems/ applications.
    • Organize ongoing project status meetings and point out risks and hazards likely to affect the business in not too distant future.
    • Submit regular reports to stakeholders to make them aware of his role as a benefactor.

    Talking briefly, a Business Analyst needs to play the role of a decisive navigator, in charge of reaching the end destination, which in the present case equates to successful resolution of a business problem or scores of them.

    by Kenneth | 20th,July 2018 |
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