Digital Business Transformation Vis-À-Vis Kenneth Mortimer’s Role As An Analyst/ Architect

Apart from sundry other factors, organizational changes are the foundation of digital business transformation all over the world. This change that relates to people, processes, structures, strategies as well as competitive dynamics is where most of the challenges lie. A recent report on the internet of everything (IoE) had cautioned that US$19 trillion of economic value would be at stake between 2013 and 2022 across nations, organizations and industries.


However, the majority of this value is likely to be unlocked via business change leading to meaningful innovation, better productivity, augmented efficiency in processes, along with enhanced customer experience.


The significance of organizational change, or rather the lack of it have been amply evidenced through Kodak’s fall from the company’s market dominance, and its eventual death. Curiously enough, there was no dearth of innovation in the company’s strive for reaching newer heights. The world’s first digital camera was developed by Kodak way back in 1975, while it made major contributions in the field of digital capabilities all through the eighties and the nineties.


Nevertheless, Kodak failed; failed miserably because it was unable to make the necessary modifications to adapt to new market trends and fast changing customer requirements. What was more, the company, despite its best efforts to steer clear of all the problems, was encumbered by legacy infrastructure, people and understanding that became increasingly obsolete, yet unwilling to take stern measures to adapt to changing market demands. To be very precise, it failed to initiate sufficient organizational change.


However, the catastrophe could have been avoided, had Kodak enlisted the services of Kenneth Mortimer ( renowned analyst/ architect in Business process improvement & Digital Business transformation who is a Postgraduate in Electronic commerce from Curtin university of technology, New Zealand.


Among his wide range of achievements, Kenneth Mortimer is especially cited for his creation of a novel customer-focused, social media oriented, digital environment, enabling organizational change through customer self-service 24/7 at Telecom NZ aimed at reducing $100+ million yearly costs of operating Call Centers.

  Kenneth Mortimer’s vast experience in business process initiation includes the following:  
  1. Analyzed, modeled and re-engineered business processes for IP Australia improving customer service and staff productivity, and reduced operating costs of up to $8.5 million.
  2. Reviewed the financial, accounting and reporting processes of a coal mining business and streamlined processes across its two mines and joint venture with Rio-Tinto speeding up reporting.
  3. Re-engineered the Current State process model for a not-for-profit enabling an ERP/CRM solution that will enable the enterprise to grow their business from $24 million to $70 million over four years without increase in head count.
  4. Analyzed and modeled AS IS & TO BE business processes of DFAT’s Consular Management and Consular Crisis Management business rules leading to a new Global Consular Management system to assist Australians and other Commonwealth citizens in distress.
  5. Developed business process and governance framework across multiple revenue, law and order Federal government agencies to identify and prosecute Australians avoiding tax.
  6. Analyzed and modeled network management processes, captured business rules and developed business process framework of the Public Safety Network across agencies of the Queensland State Government reducing network costs significantly.

The business process management guru is also a strategic thinker who can immediately identify problems, deliver robust solutions, enthusiastic for project deliverables and a leader who is consultative, performs as a collaborating team member, and an effective mentor.



Conducting business in a digital world needs business process consultants like Kenneth Mortimer to identify problems and provide the solution. What’s more, people like him can also anticipate issues before they turn into vampires, killing the organization.

by Kenneth | 28th,April 2017 |
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Kenneth C Mortimer is a Analyst/Architect in Business Process Improvement & Digital Business Transformation based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a Postgraduate in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University of Technology... Read More