Business Enterprises Now Need Far More Professional Attention, Don’t Linger if You find Anything Wrong

Are you finding your operational processes relating to your business are becoming harder to manage with every passing day? Do you intend to become more responsive to the requirements of your customers, yet do not know how to achieve it? In other words, you are desperately trying to improve your team’s collaboration and efficacy through Business Process Management but fail to find the right person to take charge of it.

However, relax and take a deep breath because the solution is near at hand. Get in touch with Auckland based BPM guru Kenneth C Mortimer who is also an analyst/architect in Business Process Improvement & Digital Business transformation, while holding a PG degree in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University of Technology, New Zealand. Here is how he will help you out.

Through Improved Business Agility – First of all, he will implement modifications to your existing structure to stay abreast of the changing conditions in the market. He will also help you make breathers alongside business processes to appraise of the situation, execute changes, and if necessary re-execute these. Cumulatively, this will help you stay on track and proceed further, as a result of which you will gain higher agility and better stability.

Needless to say, higher agility will help you modify workflows as also customize these according to requirement. And as a result, business process will become more responsive through the structure that involves accurate documentation of the steps entailing the processes. The awareness itself, to be precise will open up avenues for higher profit range.

Through Reduced Costs and Better revenues – Kenneth Mortimer’s keen sense of observation along with instantaneous detection of fund drainage will help reduce costs related to business process operation. Since BPM is also associated with basic HR principles, enhanced process of productivity on part of the regenerated workforce will yield better revenue.

Although the drop in operational cost, even after Mr. Mortimer has taken charge as your Business Analyst does not become evident at the outset, but sealing of bleeding orifices effected by him will make a striking difference in terms of overall improvement of revenue. This also involves matters related to how your company sells its products, vis-à-vis how the consumers react to it. A minor research, conducted by the famed Business Process Architect/Analyst will shortly resolve the minor issues, thus improving upon the sakes pitch in no uncertain manner.

By Being Resourceful – As a seasoned Business Process Analyst, Kenneth C Mortimer never baulks when faced with a pertinent management question because he has mastered these issues at length while studying the topic long ago. But most importantly, he never responds with fake answer. A truthful genuine response to a relevant question reaffirms his mastery of the subject.

By Applying The Right Tool – The experienced Business Process Analyst Kenneth C Mortimer knows his management tools by heart, never making the mistake of using the same tool for all forms of business analysis. However, here are the common tools that are associated with fundamental analysis:

  • Price to Earnings Ratio – P/E
  • Projected Earning Growth = PEG
  • Price to Sales – P/S
  • Price to Book – P/B
  • Return on Equity
  • Dividends

Although these do not count much when checked individually, but when combined in the right formation they can indicate a business’s current state of health, as also its potential ROI.

By Creating Alignment, Resolving Conflicts and Airing A Sense of Ownership – a business, regardless of its size or characteristics has its quota of conflicts, though sometimes camouflaged under cover of commercial decorum, often creating an atmosphere of intolerance and hostility, detrimental to development and growth. But the ingenuity of Kenneth C Mortimer, ace business process analyst soon breaks the glass wall, getting into the heart of it and then resolving it in an agreeable way. However his method of taking overall responsibility like assuming the ownership takes the cake.

By Relying on Facts and Figures – Realistic business process analyst Kenneth C Mortimer does not rely on rumors when being hired by a company for business analysis and growth but takes facts and figures in stride to proceed in his mission. However:

  • He uses active listening technique to know how stakeholders are treating the company and tell them on their face if he finds anything injurious or harmful for the goodwill of the company
  • He sets unambiguous prospect to build trust, consistently follow through on his commitments, seldom making promises that are difficult to keep.
  • He honors confidentiality agreements, never talks behind anybody’s back and is always found above all office gossips.

Spotless personal character, coupled with splendid professional reputation, Kenneth C Mortimer today is an emblem of true and reliable Business Process analyst whose activities are not restricted to the small island country but has reached far and wide.

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by Kenneth | 20th,July 2018 |
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